Eagle artillery

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“The Eagle Artillery has nearly unlimited range and targets tough enemies with exploding shells. However, it won’t activate until a large amount of troops have been deployed.”

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1. Szint 2. Szint

  • Summary
    • The Eagle Artillery is a very powerful Town Hall 11 exclusive defense that has a range that covers almost the entire map but has a dead zone, similar to but bigger than that of a Mortar.
    • During a defense, the Eagle Artillery remains dormant at the start, and activates only after a total of at least 180 housing spaces worth of troops have been deployed. Eagle Artillery will light its eyes at first after 150 housing spaces worth of troops.
      • When the Eagle Artillery is ready to fire, the eagle head slides down to the front of the structure to reveal a hexagon shaped barrel with bright light pulsing around it.
      • Heroes and Spells that have been deployed regardless of level, will count towards the 180 needed to activate the Artillery. Each Hero is worth 25 troop housing spaces, and each Spellhousing space is worth 5 troop housing spaces.
      • Activating the Archer Queen’s or Barbarian King’s ability will not add more troop spaces. Nor does the Witch add more troop spaces when summoning Skeletons. Dropping a Skeleton Spellonly adds the spell’s equivalent worth of 5 troop housing spaces, the Skeletons don’t add more spaces; similarly dropping a Clone Spell only adds the spell’s equivalent worth of 20 troop housing spaces, the cloned troops don’t add more spaces.
    • It fires a volley of three successive shots at regular 10 second intervals. Each shot is able to deal devastating splash damage (in a very small radius) to the unit it targeted with extremely small splash damage (in a big radius and knocks back smaller troops) to the units near its target.
    • The Eagle Artillery targets according to a “heat map” or “hitpoint map”. In other words, it targets the area with the largest density of hitpoints.
      • Unlike other defenses which keeps targeting the same troops until they die, the Eagle Artillery recalculates its targets each volley.
      • Although the Golem is the “preferred target” of the Eagle Artillery, the Eagle Artillery always targets the area with the largest density of hitpoints regardless of whether or not there are Golems on the battlefield. However, due to the Golem’s high hitpoints, the Eagle Artillery has a very high chance of prioritizing a cluster of Golems.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • Place this defense in a place where its blind spot is covered, like a Mortar. Remember that it will only activate and begin to attack when a certain amount of troops are deployed, so keep it near the middle. This is so that by the time enemy troops start to enter your base, it will be in action.
    • The Eagle Artillery deals 3x damage against Golems/Golemites; utilize it well to destroy them and expose weaker units such as Wizards, Witches and Heroes to firepower.
    • Try to centralize the Eagle Artillery so troops cannot get to it easily as it does more damage. In an anti three star base, centralizing the Eagle Artillery is more important than protecting the Town Hall.
  • Offensive Strategy
    • Use freeze spells to stop the Eagle Artillery from shooting your units. You have to freeze it when it is about to shoot, not during its 10 second intervals, nor after the missiles are already in the sky.
    • The Grand Warden’s ability can be used to tank one volley of shots from the Eagle Artillery for any units inside his proximity. Use this when units are going into the core of the base.
    • You can use the Jump Spell to have melee troops destroy the Eagle Artillery quickly.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • At level 1, the Eagle Artillery appears to be an eagle head on an iron podium, with hard iron feather-like decorations near where the ears would be, connected with chains. It appears to be made out of iron, rock and gold.
    • At level 2, the color of the iron surrounding the wings, the chains, and the base changes color from silver to gold.

  • Trivia
    • The Eagle Artillery was added in the 10th December, 2015 update as part of the Town Hall 11 Update.
    • At ClashCon 2015, the sneak peek of the Eagle Artillery was shown to fire a yellow beam into the sky that drops onto enemy targets. However, that has since been changed into a volley of three consecutive shots of orange artillery shells.
    • The Eagle Artillery is currently the only defense with two levels, having the fewest levels of any other defensive building in the game.
      • Temporary defenses, however, have less levels. They are temporary and therefore not in the current version of the game.
    • The total area covered by the Eagle Artillery is approximately 7,700 tiles – more than 12 times the area covered by a ground-mode X-Bow and more than three times the area of your village.
    • The Eagle Artillery is unique in many ways. It only has two levels, can only be activated when a certain number of troops are deployed not being in range, takes up 4×4 space, and has a range covers up the entire map except its dead zone, like a Mortar.
    • The Eagle Artillery is the only defense to note its target in a different way than other defenses.
      • Its target reticle, which shows which unit it is aiming at, is denoted by a flashing hexagon.
    • The Eagle Artillery is the only defense in the Home Village whose in-game statistics use “damage per hit” rather than “damage per second” (several defenses in the Builder Base, such as the Double Cannon, share this property too). However, many players think that the Mortar should be changed to share this property.
    • This is the third defense to have a blind spot, the others being the Mortar and Air Sweeper.
    • There is an achievement for destroying a certain amount of Eagle Artilleries called Anti-Artillery.
    • If placed near any corner of the base (which is not recommended; see defensive strategy above), a small area near the opposite corner will not be covered. Otherwise the whole area of the base where troops can be placed is covered.
    • This is the first defense to be based on an animal.
    • The Eagle Artillery has the most health of any defense in the game.
    • A level 1 Eagle Artillery can be destroyed by 5 level 7 Lightning Spells and two level 4 Earthquake Spells, but this isn’t recommended as these spells comprise almost a full complement of Spells, leaving only one Dark Spell for the rest of the attack.
    • The Eagle Artillery’s level 2 upgrade is tied with the level 20 Grand Warden, the Level 5 Inferno Towerand the level 7 Clan Castle as the most expensive Gold/Elixir upgrades in the game; all four take 10,000,000 resources.
    • The level 2 Eagle Artillery’s gold chain is added to new levels of the Mortar and Inferno Tower as well.
      • However, this is weird, as it’s the level 9 and 10 Town Halls (rather than level 11) that have gold chains, so the gold chains don’t match the Town Hall’s theme.
    • The Eagle Artillery uses the Cannon’s sound effect when tapped, but has its unique sound effect when placed.
    • Among all defenses and traps, it is the only one that deals extra damage to a certain troop (Golem).
    • Currently, there’s a glitch that, if your Clan Castle is partially filled with troops, and you deploy the troops in it, the Eagle Artillery adds the full troop capacity of the Clan Castle.

  • Ikonok leírása
    – Az ikont lenyomva információkat mutat meg a védelmi épületről, mint például: Szint, Másodpercenkénti sebzés, Lövésenkénti sebzés, Életerő, Hatósugár, Sebzéstípus, és Kedvenc célpont.
    – Az ikont lenyomva a következő szinte fejleszti a védelmi épületet, ha van elég nyersanyagod és egy szabad Építőd. Ha az épület elérte lehető legnagyobb szintjét, az ikon nem látszódik.
    – Az ikont lenyomva azonnal befejezi a fejlesztést, a látható számú Gemért cserébe. Az ikon csak akkor látszódik, ha egy fejlesztés van folyamatban.
    – Az ikont lenyomva megszakítja a folyamatban lévő fejlesztést. Az ikon csak akkor látszódik, ha egy fejlesztés van folyamatban.
    Tapping this icon reloads the Eagle Artillery with Elixir. This icon only appears if the Eagle Artillery is not fully loaded.
    This icon informs you that the Eagle Artillery is fully loaded. It is not tappable, and replaces the Load icon.


    Town Hall Szint 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
    Elérhető 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
    Méret Size
    Level Lövésenkénti sebzés  Másodpercenkénti sebzés  Shockwave Damage Életerő  Ár  Feltöltés ára Építési idő  Kapott
    Town Hall szint szükséges 
    1 250 75 15 4,000 8,000,000 35,000 10 nap 929 11
    2 300 90 20 4,400 10,000,000 40,000 14 nap 1,099 11
    Hatótávolság  Támadási sebesség  Sebzés típus  Célpont  Elsődleges célpont Tár kapacitás
    7-50 Sortűz (3 lövés/ másodperc) Területi Földi & Légi Golem (3x sebzés) 90*

    *90 individual shots. Each volley comes in three shots, but it’s possible to fire only the first one or two shots in a volley.