Double cannon

Dupla ágyú

“Dupla ágyú, dupla lövés ágyúnként, dupla adag baj!”

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  • Summary
    • Double Cannons fire rapid bursts of cannonballs at ground troops, with four shots per volley.
    • Double Cannons are only available in the Builder Base. They are unlocked at Builder Hall 2.
    • The Master Builder can Gear Up Cannons in the Home Village which will allow it to toggle between its normal firing mode and a mode that behaves similarly to the Double Cannon. This requires a level 7 Cannon in the Home Village and a level 4 Double Cannon in the Builder Base.
    • While Double Cannons do high damage per second, they have a short range and cannot attack air troops.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • Double Cannons can four-shot Sneaky Archers and Raged Barbarians of relative level. This makes Double Cannons useful to pick off smaller troops when they are in small numbers.
    • Double Cannons are powerful defenses against ground tanks such as the Boxer Giant or the Battle Machine. A few volleys can do significant damage to them.
    • Their short range prevents them from protecting buildings in front of them from Sneaky Archers if a Wall separates the Double Cannon and the building. It may still be useful to leave a building in front of them to prevent Sneaky Archers from easily destroying them under their cloak.
  • Offensive Strategy
    • Air troops such as the Baby Dragon have little to worry from a Double Cannon since the Double Cannon cannot attack them. However, the Double Cannon can still distract them and prevent them from attacking more important buildings.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • At level 1, the Double Cannon appears as two cannons tied together with rope, with copper plating on the sides, on top of a hole in the ground surrounded by wooden planks and some leaves.
    • At level 2, the rope holding them together is now strapped to them as well, and the planks rearrange slightly.
    • At level 3, the ropes are now positioned like they were at level one, the planks surrounding the hole become more substantial, and instead of two separate Cannon barrels tied together, the two barrels are joined together as one piece. Most of the leaves which were on it disappear.
    • At level 4, the Cannons become bigger. The corners of the base receive metal corners with copper rivets. All the ropes and leaves disappear and the barrels have a copper band around the front.
    • At level 5, the Cannons become substantially larger and another copper band appears near the back of the barrels. The base is reinforced by copper plates.
    • At level 6, the front copper band turns golden. The corners change to square wooden plates with golden square fasteners on them. The front of the barrels also gain copper plating.
    • At level 7, the rear copper band turns golden. The base gains a brighter color scheme, with golden plates in between each corner.

  • Trivia
    • Although the Double Cannon shoots burst fire of 4 shots, the Double Cannon will not separate the shots on different troops. For example, if it targets a Sneaky Archer with a low health, the 1st shot will kill it and the remaining 3 will be wasted.
    • Although the description implies that the two cannon barrels fire two shots each per volley, all four shots appear to come out of one of the barrels. This trait is shared with the Multi Mortar, whose shells are all fired from a single barrel as opposed to all three or four barrels.

  • Ikonok leírása
– Az ikont lenyomva információkat mutat meg az ágyúról, mint: Szint, Másodpercenkénti sebzés, Lövésenkénti sebzés, Életerő, Hatósugár, Sebzéstípus, és Kedvenc célpont.
– Az ikont lenyomva a következő szinte fejleszti az ágyút, ha van elég nyersanyagod és egy szabad Építőd. Ha az ágyú elérte lehető legnagyobb szintjét, az ikon nem látszódik.
– Az ikont lenyomva azonnal befejezi a fejlesztést, a látható számú Gemért cserébe. Az ikon csak akkor látszódik, ha egy fejlesztés van folyamatban.
– Az ikont lenyomva megszakítja a folyamatban lévő fejlesztést. Az ikon csak akkor látszódik, ha egy fejlesztés van folyamatban.


Városháza szint 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Elérhető 0 1 1 1 2 2 2
Level Level Másodpercenkénti sebzés  Lövésenkénti sebzés  Életerő  Ár Építési idő  Kapott
Builder Hall szint szükséges
1 125 50 600 20,000 10 perc 24 2
2 137 55 690 50,000 1 óra 60 3
3 152 61 794 80,000 3 óra 103 3
4 167 67 913 300,000 12 óra 207 4
5 185 74 1,050 900,000 1 nap 293 5
6 202 81 1,208 1,400,000 1 nap 293 6
7 222 89 1,389 2,200,000 2 nap 415 7
Hatótávolság  Támadási sebesség  Sebzés típus  Célpont 
7 4 lövés /1.6 másodperc Egy célpont Földi