Poison spell

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“Give your army the upper hand against enemy troops with this deadly poison!
Defending units that linger in a Poison Spell’s toxic cloud will move slower, attack slower and take damage with increasing severity over time. Poison Spells do not affect structures.”

  • Összegzés
    • The Poison Spell is a spell added in the July 1, 2015 update.
    • It is the first spell available in the Dark Spell Factory.
    • It does damage and slows down all enemy Clan Castle Troops, Heroes, and Skeletons inside its area of effect, but does not deal damage to buildings.
  • Támadó stratégia
    • A Poison Spell only takes one housing space, whereas a Lightning Spell, the other spell that can be used to deal with Clan Castle troops, currently takes up two housing spaces. This makes the Poison Spell very appealing as a way to deal with Clan Castle troops along with a few Troops.
    • A Poison Spell has a circular area of effect for scaling damage, whereas a Lightning Spell has individual lightning strikes in a predetermined pattern, so both can be used in a similar fashion. Which is ultimately more effective depends on the style of attack and defending base’s layout, as well as the Clan Castle troops, themselves.
    • As of September 18, 2015, Poison Spells now do scaling damage in a similar manner to a single target Inferno Tower, just to a lesser extent. This scaling effect dramatically affects high hitpoint units, but does not deal the same scaling damage against Heroes, instead dealing little appreciable damage.
    • A Poison Spell can take a significant amount of time to kill troops, depending on the type of Troops inside the Clan Castle, so make sure that you have enough time left to finish your attack after the Clan Castle troops are dealt with.
      • A level 1 Poison Spell can easily kill all the first few troops unlocked in the Barracks, as well as any level Wizards, Witches, Skeletons, and Minions. Upgrading this spell, however, is still useful, as higher level Poison Spells kill them faster and leaves more time to finish the attack.
    • If you see a Dragon, Balloons, or Valkyries on defense, it’s good to use a Poison Spell on them, as the scaling effect is deadly against high hitpoint units.
      • Although a poison spell will not kill out very high hitpoint troops like Dragons and P.E.K.K.As outright, its slowing effect makes them highly vulnerable to other troops while active.
    • Multiple Poison Spells will speed up the scaling process, but will not deal extra damage.
    • As of the March 2016 update, defending troops now run away from the area of a Poison Spell, giving the defender an advantage. However, the attacker can lure the defensive troops into the Poison Spell area by dropping a couple of Barbarians or Archers in the Poison Spell area.
  • Egyéb
    • Prior to the Poison Spell, strategies that did not include a Clan Castle lure utilized a well-placed Lightning Spell to destroy defensive Clan Castle troops. With the introduction of the Poison Spell, players now have a viable alternative to destroying Clan Castle troops.
    • While not a popular strategy, Poison Spells can be used to stack damage, making it possible to kill any Clan Castle units with enough spells.
    • The Poison Spell used to deal static damage to enemy units, making them more effective at killing Skeleton Traps, in addition to Clan Castle units. Since the Poison Spell changed to progressive damage, this is now a less than favored approach, as they tend to slip out of the spell’s circumference before being destroyed.
    • Ghosts emerge after a Poison Spell is thrown and they keep emerging for 3 seconds along with a creepy laughing sound.
    • Poison Spell’s brewing time has been reduced thrice, from 15 minutes to 3 minutes.
      • The first reduction in duration occurred during the March 2016 update, where its duration was reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, along with all other Dark spells.
      • A balance update on 4th May 2016 halved its brewing time to 5 minutes.
      • The October 2016 update further reduced its brewing time to 3 minutes.


Hatótávolság  Sebzés típus Helyigény Elkészítési idő Célpontok Dark Spell Factory szint szükséges
4 négyzetrács Területi 1 3 perc Földi & Légi 1
Szint  Maximum sebzés máodpercenként Sebesség csökkentés Támadási ráta csökkentése Ár Kutatás ára Kutatási idő Laboratory szükséges szint 
1 90 26% 35% 95 N/A N/A N/A
2 115 30% 40% 110 25,000 4 nap 6
3 145 34% 45% 125 50,000 6 nap 7
4 180 38% 50% 140 75,000 10 nap 8
5 220 40% 55% 155 150,000 12 nap 9