Skeleton spell

Csontváz varázslat

“Summon an army of Skeletons anywhere on the battlefield!
Put a few extra swords when and where you need them most. Skeletons do not trigger traps.”

  • Összegzés
    • The Skeleton Spell is a Dark Spell unlocked when the Dark Spell Factory is upgraded to level 4 which requires Town Hall level 9.
    • When used, it spawns several Skeletons on the battlefield. These Skeletons are very weak, but can provide a good distraction.
    • Like Skeletons summoned by Witches, they do not trigger traps or Clan Castle troops.

  • Támadó stratégia
    • In Valkyrie raids, it’s pretty common to have at least 1 compartment at the end with defenses inside that could take down your troops. Once those defenses are distracted by your troops, drop your Skeleton Spell right on top of them.
    • In Balloon raids, if your Balloons usually clump up and your Lava Hounds don’t burst, it will take a lot of time to finish off non-defensive buildings. Dropping a skeleton spell or two will help you clean up the base.
    • In GoHo attacks, you may encounter Skeleton Traps which spawn a few Skeleton to follow and damage your Hog Riders. Dropping a single skeleton spell will help get rid of the skeletons chipping off at your Hog’s health. Wait until your Hogs run into a Healing Spell, then drop your Skeleton Spell.
    • Skeleton spells could be very effective against single target Inferno Towers. The skeletons will be able to distract the Inferno Tower while other troops finish it off. However, multiple target Inferno Towers will negate this spell very quickly.
    • Skeleton spells can be used to destroy unguarded defenses with dead zones like the Mortar or Eagle Artillery. At 1 spell slot, this can be very valuable to any attacker.
    • It isn’t wise to use the Clone Spell solely for cloning the Skeletons of this spell, as one Clone Spell clones up to 40 Skeletons, but four Skeleton Spells occupy the same space and can have up to 104 Skeletons.

  • Egyéb
    • The Skeleton Spell was added in the May 24th, 2016 update.
    • The Skeletons spawned by the Skeleton Spell have the same stats as those spawned by Witches and Skeleton Traps.
    • The October 2016 update reduced its brewing time from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. It also revamped the mechanics of the Skeleton Spell: instead of spawning Skeletons all at once, it spawned Skeletons over time.
    • During late October 2016, the Skeleton Spell’s brewing cost was temporarily reduced and its brewing time changed to 1 minute to celebrate Halloween.
    • The Skeleton Spell could have been inspired by Skeleton Army in Clash Royale. On 28/10/16, the Graveyard was added to Clash Royale, and share similar mechanics to the changed Skeleton Spell, as they’re both spells which summon Skeletons gradually (rather than all at once).


Hatótávolság  Helyigény Elkészítési idő Célpontok Dark Spell Factory szint szükséges
3.5 négyzetrács 1 3 perc Földi 4
Skeleton Stats
Kedvelt célpont Támadás típusa Mozgási Sebesség Támadási sebesség Hatótávolság Sebzés Életerő
Nincs Közelharc (csak Földi) 24 1 másodperc 0.4 négyzetrács 25 30
Szint  Csontvázak száma Ár Kutatás ára Kutatási idő Laboratory szükséges szint 
1 15 110 N/A N/A N/A
2 18 120 50,000 8 nap 8
3 22 130 75,000 10 nap 8
4 26 140 100,000 12 nap 9